The Shocking Sticker Price of Video Production

The Shocking Sticker Price of Video Production

You need a one-minute informational video for your company, only to discover the shocking sticker price of video production. And now you’re mumbling to yourself. “How in the heck can a videographer justify that? How hard can it be?

What goes into a Professional Video Production?

Pre Production:

  • Meeting to understanding the clients’ concept. (Who-What-Where-When-Why)
  • Deciding on location
  • Making a story board (Keeping client in the loop to approve or make changes)
  • Script Writing (To stay on point during filming)
  • Scheduling interviews


  • Time lapse photo (Early morning arrival and monitoring)
  • On camera interviews (Which includes setting up for each person)
  • Professional equipment designed for enhanced coloring, clear crisp visual, and capturing flawless audio

Post Production:

  • Transfer hours of video to computer and logging footage in
  • Creatively edit hours of video together to instantly grab the viewers’ attention in the first few seconds and then holding that interest.
  • Edit audio, edit motion graphics, edit color, picking out and adding music
  • Render the video (very time consuming)
  • Reviewing the video before submitting (Any changes requires that the video to be rendered again.)
  • Getting client feedback/consent
  • Making any edits or changes requested, and lastly, rendering video again to perfection

Yes, anyone can make a quick low-quality video, however it’s possible to lose potential customers after they view that low budget video. However, if you want a high-quality production with proven experience behind that masterpiece, you’ll save time, and get more bang-for-your-buck, if you hire a professional!

-Blue Stellar Productions