Seeking Talent

Below is information on the projects and a request for talent. If interested please let us know. Thank you.
Request for Talent
Requesting Company is Blue Stellar Productions. Contact information is as follows:
1. Contact person(s): Richard Kraemer and/or Keelyn Turgeon.
2. Email Address(s): and/or

General information:
Project One
Currently Blue Stellar Productions is in the process of producing a one minute +/- video that requires three male actors to play the parts of the Mad Hatter, the Rabbit and A King of Hearts and a female actor to play the part of Alice. The production is a spoof (or rather a play on Alice in Wonderland). The shooting schedule is one day on a day to be determined between now and mid August 2015. Token compensation may apply.
Project Two
Blue Stellar Productions has been asked to submit a proposal and budget for a production that requires the talent of an accomplished mime artist. Both male and female mimes may apply. Interested parties should contact Blue Stellar Productions as soon as possible to assist in expediting the proposal process. This is a compensated position.
We look forward to hearing from all who are interested in the near future.
Blue Stellar Productions.