Family Photo Shoot Fashion Advice

You’ve decided to finally get professional family photos. I mean kids really grow fast. Right? So, now it’s time to capture that precious moment in time. You found the perfect photographer, she’s personable, good with children and you’ve booked the date! Come on, don’t freak out now just because you don’t know what to wear. It’s really all about simple planning.

First of all, it is all about you.  I mean honestly, if you don’t look fabulous in these family photo’s, are you really going to want to show your friends, post them on social media, make Christmas cards, or have them enlarged to display in your home? I thought not!

So, lets start with your favorite color. What color makes you look and feel awesome? You picked the color, now think of the outfit. You want to be comfortable, relaxed, and not trying to hold in your stomach for an hour, or trying to hide some other body part. Wear something that fits. Not too tight or clingy, not too baggy, or anything that wrinkles easily.

All right, now coordinate the rest of the family’s outfits around that color. No match- matchy. No, not the exact same color, think variegated shades, or complimentary colors in the same hue.

One last outfit color and style consideration for you to think about. Picture the location of your shoot. You don’t want to blend into the background and really, would you be wearing summer clothes in a fall/winter setting?

  • Feel free to bring different outfits to change into
  • ‘V’ necklines are flattering
  • Stay away from loud prints, flowers, stripes
  • Props can be fun
  • Light colors make you look fresh
  • Dark colors slenderize
  • Layering adult clothes gives the photo interest; layering children’s outfits can overwhelm them
  • Don’t go all white or black. No neon, no graphic shirts. You want all eyes to be drawn to your smiling faces
  • Don’t forget, shoes and socks will show in the pictures

Last but not least, let your hair down, let it move, you move, don’t go for that ‘frozen family picture’. Lets capture that natural moment in time when you’re all enjoying each other. And don’t forget to FEED the kids before the photo shoot! In fact…bring snacks!